The week in numbers

22 Weeks to Chicago


  • Total mileage of 14 miles
  • Long run of 6.18 miles with Get Fit Atlanta
  • Cross training with Spin, Swim and Sculpt
Daily Splits
  • Monday – 6am Spin class for 1hr (First one in over 6 months, tough; glad to have lasted 1hr)
  • Tuesday – 2 miles Planned easy run turned into short tempo to save my iPhone after it started raining midway
  • Wednesday – 6am Sculpt class (Ouch ouch ouch) AND short 20min swim including initial panic attack
  • Thursday – 5.5 miles to run the soreness out. Tough run for the first 4 miles, then a cruising run to the end at an avg. pace of 11:49. 
  • Friday – Off
  • Saturday – Group run with Get Fit Atlanta
  • Sunday – Off (My plans never work out on Sunday)
Odds and Ends
  • First time cross training with spin, swim and sculpt in over 6 months
  • The deep water still gives me a panic attack (even if its just the pool)
  • Sculpt class wears me out and its probably too much for my legs to handle – I need to modify my strength training routine and do things by myself. Thanks to the coaches at GetFit for helping me with this.
Plan for Next Week
  • 21 Weeks to Chicago
  • Run/Walk – M (2-3), T(3-4 speedwork), Th(3-4) S(Group) – Running consecutive days burn me out, but I think I will need to get my feet moving to get stronger physically and mentally. So one of the days could be super easy.
  • Strength Training – M(Kenpo X + abs + core), W(Upperbody – free weights + abs + core)
  • Swim – W
  • Concentrate on Core strengthening exercises
  • Try to make it to the Th Yoga class
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