Looking Back at 2016
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Looking back at 2016

While 2015 was all about an amazing year of races and goals and self growth, Looking back at 2016 was much more mellow. The whole year was around one big race rather than my usual sprinkling of races. Miss. FauxRunner made her racing debut – both in running and triathlon. And I took back seat as…


The Long Journey to India

It’s been 4.5 years since I last visited home. And this past weekend, I made the 20 something hour journey with the clan. I’ll try to document my days there but with things being super busy with the family, it’ll be spotty at best.  Atlanta international airport had installed Pianos for Peace. I don’t know…

Wheelchair Athletes

Heros Amongst Us – Inclusion in Racing

The minions are doing a project for school and they have to tell a someone’s story. Kind of HONY (Humans of New York) style, but with more detailed narratives/videos/photos/etc.  A few weeks ago we were running together at our usual place when we saw an assisted athlete team (one athlete pushing another athlete in a special…

birthday quest

The Birthday Quest – 40!

Sometime last year, I had expressed an interest in doing something milestone for my 40th birthday. But along the way, I realized that other obligations prevented me from training for that century bike ride that we had planned on (sorry, Barry!). So instead, I came up with a different challenge – a quest, I called…


Yes, I’m Fat. And I don’t care.

Last week, I was at an Indian ceremony when a acquaintance exclaimed, “OMG, you’ve grown fat!” *blink* And without knowing how to respond, I tittered (yes, that awkward laugh when you don’t know how exactly to respond).  She wouldn’t let it go, and added, “You run and do so many things and yet you are fat.” I was shocked….


I have a Confession

I have a confession to make – I love social media. I use social media to post about my training, to read about other’s training, to be inspired and motivated, to hope that I can inspire atleast one person into realizing that they can redefine their impossible too, to get a boost from kudos, to…


Changes to the Blog

Last year, I went through a discovery process for the blog that made me think about my name, my journey and my future. It made me realize that I was no longer the ‘Faux’ Runner who started writing online to whine about having to run. I started seeing myself as others saw me – as a…