An amazing week for Endurance Sports

What a weekend it has been for marathons (and triathlon)! I can’t write anything more than write a flat sentence about their records; I will attempt to write a bit more once I’ve processed it. Eliud Kipchoge – 1:59:40 Breaking 2hrs for the first time ever in a marathonJan Frodeno & Anne Haug – German…

General Fitness

What is Running Love?

For some reason, maybe because it was the weekend of Valentine’s day, these lines were stuck in my head. It is a sonnet by Shakespeare made more famous by the Emma Thompson/Kate Winslet adaption of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.  One of my favorite poems about love is a sonnet by Shakespeare made more famous by…

Goodbye Shannon

Goodbye, Dear Shannon

[This is not my usual fitness post, but something that I wanted to write for a friend.] You did not go gentle into that good night, You burnt and raved at close of day; You raged, and raged against the dying of the light. And yet, here you are, saying goodbye to your little boys, having raged the…

cheering for mom

Cheering for Mom

I believe that my transformation from couch potato to (faux)runner started after my kids were born. Initially, while battling mild post partum depression, I stepped out for “some air” while Mr. FauxRunner would run with the minions in a jogging stroller. Oh, how I hated that walking from my front door to the neighborhood entrance!!…