Changes to the Blog

Changes to the Blog

Last year, I went through a discovery process for the blog that made me think about my name, my journey and my future. It made me realize that I was no longer the ‘Faux’ Runner who started writing online to whine about having to run. I started seeing myself as others saw me – as a passionate athlete who had was learning to redefine her impossible.  

That brought about a change in visual branding to the current look and feel of the blog. 

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A few weeks back, I was categorizing my posts and saw with wonder the amount of posts that I had written about “How-to” or tips or practical information from the field, especially in my journey of learning to tri. But all these were hidden and not very easy to find unless someone searched for it. Not very intuitive at all! 

So this blog underwent a change again with the following modifications.

Changed Navigational Architecture

There are now separate tag for running and triathlons, my two endurance passion. There is no need to read through my everyday ramblings if you are looking to find a helpful article. And there are a lot of helpful articles. These are tips from what I’ve learnt and struggled through like – riding a bike in the rain, learning to use race wheels, overcoming open water fears, and more – all topics that I’ve been asked plenty of times by newbies to the sport. 

Of course, you can always use the search function on the sidebar if you know what you are looking for.

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Ironman 70.3 Augusta

I am a member of a wonderful FaceBook group for the Ironman 70.3 Augusta race. The online members and the members of TriAugusta, the local club, help every single athlete who asks for help. When I started training for the race, I was (still am in a lot of ways) a complete newbie who did not know anything about long course triathlon. But with the help of this amazing group and my then coach Mike, and the camp by TriCoachGeorgia, I have gathered so much information and tips about the course and the race itself. 

This section is called out in the sidebar because I want to share this information with all triathletes to the Augusta race, to help newbies realize that anything is possible and if I can do it, you can do it too!

Ironman 70.3 AugustaRecipes

I have had a lot of friends ask me about Indian recipes. And since I anyway cook authentic Indian food (both North Indian Style and South Indian style), I decided to write these down for reference as well.

Why recipes from my blog rather than other food blogs? As an athlete, I’m constantly experimenting with these recipes to make them healthier to fuel my body and still keep the taste. And I hosted a very successful fundraising dinner party of Indian food amongst a complete international audience.

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Around the World

This section popped into my mind when I ran the London Marathon and my subsequent days of running through London city and exploring parts of the city on foot. I’ve traveled to quite a few place in the world in the past 15 years, and while I haven’t always been a runner, some of these places are great to take a look back through the now eyes of a runner. A sort of #ThrowbackThursday #TBT post. 

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Where I took my first hesitant steps under the firm eye of my coach/trainer, Lee.
Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia.
Where I took my first hesitant steps under the firm eye of my coach/trainer, Lee.

Home = Blog

This is a very subtle change which might not even be noticed or mean anything different. Since I sectioned the site into useful information that I want athletes to find, my regular ramblings feel a little out of place. Yes, even though this is a blog and not a real “website”. By naming the landing page “blog” instead of “home”, I feel that I have given a place for all the other writings to live. 

Little Miss FauxTriathlete aka my 10yo minion has asked to write a blog as well. She is training for her first triathlon this summer and hopes to complete 2 triathlons. Like a lot of kids, she has intentions that I will need to wait to see if she follows through. If she did, there will be another fun section coming up!

What do you think of these changes?
Would you think to look for articles and how-tos and tips on my blog? Does the new architecture give you an understanding that you can find these sort of information?
Any other suggestions or feedback?


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