Eating Crap Feeling like Crap

Eating Crap Feeling like Crap

Remember my post about feeling all guilty about missing a favorite festival?
When the next one came around (a short 2 weeks later), I decided to do as much as I could. The traditional prayers, and of course, the traditional food that goes with the festival.

A sweet, and a fried snack. And I ate almost everything I made a little.

Then I had a birthday. There was a cake.

And for some reason, I did not have proper food at home. So, the only healthy meals I’d have in a day was my protein shake in the morning, and the yogurt I’d have with my rice.

Not surprisingly, all the crap eating caught up with me and I’m feeling like crap. A tempo run today left me feeling like crap.

Back to the menu planning board I go!!

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