Earth Day Tips – How to be an eco-conscious runner

Earth Day Tips – How to be an eco-conscious runner

My picture perfect run where I could get lost with myself and my thoughts and just BE would be on a trail or a beach run. I don’t get too many chances to run on the beach, but I am lucky to have an abundance of trails just 15min drive from me. How can I as a runner protect and take care of the trails? Sharing some tips for Earth Day on how to be an eco-conscious runner.

Leave it better than you find it

Did you know that there is a momentum to pick up one piece of trash a run (when you see it)? The term “Plogging” comes from combining the word “jogging” with “plocka upp”, which is Swedish for “pick up.” (Why is Swedish the go-to for running words – Fartlek, anyone?) Peter Maksimow, outreach and partnership specialist of the American Trail Running Association, started a Colorado Springs-based group, Pikes Peak Ploggers, that’s dedicated to “plogging” while running, the trails of Pikes Peak.

Atlanta Trail Running
“Main Street” at Sope Creek Trail system in Atlanta – a hidden oasis just 5min walk from civilization

Use reusable water bottles

One for the run and one for everyday life. Two thirds of disposable plastic bottles are never recycled. If they are incinerated, they release toxic fumes.

Tokyo Marathon
My new favorite 8oz bottle – easy to slip into my pockets!

Donate old running shoes

Many local running stores (and some races) have collection bins where you can donate your old running shoes. Organizations like Souls4Souls and One World Running will take your “gently worn” old shoes give them a second chance at life by giving them to those in need.

Give back by volunteering at a Trail work Day

The river I run next to holds cleaning efforts to keep the river clean for trails and waterways. We recently had Sweep the Hooch event that plenty of us attended.

Did you do anything specific on Earth day?
What are some things that you do to be eco-conscious while running?

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