The First 5K

The First 5K

The swimmer decided that older sister shouldn’t be having all the fun of getting to hang out with mom during runs/races and decided that she wanted to run the Peachtree Road Race 10K on July 4th. I am a little hesitant since she doesn’t run outside of her swim team’s dry land practice; which is 3 days/week but I doubt they run any kind of long distance. We talked about training regularly for it and if she could run a 5K, then I’d consider her doing the 10K.

This was week 1 and after the first day of absolute whining of her legs, her knees, her ankles, her throat, her eyes, … she got used to running. She’s been running a mile every day for the past week and today she ran the Run the River 5K, a last minute race day signup.

Putting in training even after the sun goes down

After telling me repeatedly that I wasn’t to leave her, she took off after 20 seconds. She ran about a minute faster than my 5K PR and did not even look out of breath – Looks like this is another minion I can’t run with.

First official 5K
First Official 5K

((Older sister had a not-so-good day that she’d rather not have me talk about ?))

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