Food Journal – Bread & Rice and More Bread & Rice

Food Journal – Bread & Rice and More Bread & Rice

I mentioned in my last post about jumping on Lorraine at Run Wifey Run’s #DoBetter project and borrowing her idea to keep a photo food journal.

I didn’t take pictures of anything last week, so I decided to use stock internet photos to just give me an idea of what I ate. Most of this is from my sporadic My Fitness Pal entries and memory.

Last Week (Stock Photos), Missing some food and missing weekend – All still under my daily calorie “quota”

Good Eats 

  • Breakfast Smoothie with Fruits, Veggies and Protein Powder
Eat Fails
  • See how much of BREAD I’ve eaten this past week? Sandwiches from home, sandwiches from outside during lunch, extra bread at Cafe SunFlower and Olive Garden.
  • There’s bread and then there’s other carbs – Yogurt Rice made with white Basmati Rice. Roti – its multigrain, but its still processed because it has been ground. I’m not against these as these both are my staple food. Just shocked and saddened by the lack of veggies.
  • Lack of greens and vegetables! Other than Carrots and Cucumbers, there is a serious lack of vegetables!! I had known this at the back of my mind and kept pushing to “tomorrow I’ll eat veggies”, but to see it is startling. 
  • That Chex Mix and Snickers bar (indicated lack of prep) – the funny this is that I started by thinking that it was the only bad thing I’d had all week. I was wrong! 
Areas to focus for next week
  • Add in vegetables. I plan to eat a BIG bowl of vegetables atleast with one meal. Could be cooked or uncooked. Cannot include bowl of chickpeas 🙂
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