Friday Five: Goals that I’ve fallen Short of

Friday Five: Goals that I’ve fallen Short of

I’m usually a very disciplined person when it comes to training and I have a lot more green in my training peaks than I have reds. This training cycle, since I’m not working with a coach, I set myself overall goals and I at the end of a couple of weeks (a month to be more realistic), I look through them all to see what I’ve accomplished and where I need to make changes.  
So, sharing with you on Friday Five, The 5 goals that I’ve failed or fallen short of in February.
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I started out the month GREAT by sticking to my right kinds of food and all and then suddenly it all went south … literally fell apart and it’s been a struggle to get back on the wagon.
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Cross Training – swimming & cycling
The plan was to go back to Masters Swim and swim 2/week. But February got off to a rocky start with Mr. FauxTriathlete traveling (just like January got off to a rocky start with me being sick). And so I never went. 
I did Ashton’s spin classes, but also planned to ride the kickr at least one more time during the week or as recovery – never did. 
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Nutrition on the Long Run

I’ve been using Generation UCan for the past 2 years, but with my everyday nutrition taking a dive, I’m having a hard time getting enough energy from UCan during my long runs.  I’m still wondering what I should do – should I revert to gels after the 3hrs on UCan, or should I carry UCan gel flask, or should I try real food, or … It’s only 7 weeks to marathon day and you’d think I’d have it figured out.
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Keeping in Touch with People

I had promised myself that I’d reach out and ask old friends to have coffee/lunch with  me. I asked out two people and they were both busy and somehow it set me off of asking other friends. It is disheartening when I’m disconnected with friends that I was so thick with at one point, but even more disheartening when none of us do anything to reconnect (assuming that we both want to, of course!) – the perils of the connected via social media world.
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I need to be pitied for this fail!! The chaffing in the second part of the month has been so bad that I’m still carrying the scars, the bloody scars that get aggravated after every long run!  I’m going to have a pity party. I’ve tried bodyglide and it seemed ineffective enough it’s worked in the past. Next step – rock tape over the chafe and tri slide.
Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.05.51 PMI guess it’s time to make new goals and work towards this nutrition thing seriously. Again.

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