Homemade LaraBar

Homemade LaraBar

 This was inspired by a Almond, Date, Walnut Cake that was posted as a good source of bike fuel. Since I’m always looking for something quick to eat as a snack (either in the morning before a tough-ish workout or in the evening when I get home from work), I decided to make it.

Almond, Date, Walnut Cake aka Fake LaraBar
Almond, Date, Walnut Cake aka Fake LaraBar

A true Almond, Date, Walnut Cake of Spanish origins is made by kneading in almonds and walnuts into dates (not the dry kind) and then let to set by putting it between heavy weights. The nuts then settle into the gooey dates. 

I thought using a bit of honey with my mejdool dates would work the same as the gooey dates, but it obviously did not and ended up as a fake LaraBar, only not! Lets call it a Homemade Larabar. But it was every bit tasty as I’d imagined it would be. AND – it worked great as the snack I was looking for!


Homemade LaraBar aka Almond, Date, Walnut Cake
An easy home made alternative to the expensive larabar.
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  1. Almonds, Walnuts
  2. Pitted Dates
  3. Chocolate Chips (or any other ingredient you like to add)
  1. Roast almonds over a dry pan
  2. Chop the roasted almonds coarsely
  3. In a food processor, chop the pitted dates. You don't have to chop it finely
  4. Add in the almonds, walnuts, chocolate chips or anything else you want to add
  5. Once this is all mixed in, take it out and roll it flat between parchment paper
  6. Refrigerate and wrap into individual bars.
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