Why do You Workout?

Why do You Workout?

These past 2 weeks have been super crazy, hence the lack of blog posts. Mainly because I’ve got my supermom cape on. Since school has started, I have to maintain a strict schedule, my moorings are split up by the bus pickup time, my nights are longer having to fix lunches and snacks before I sit down for more work, and there is a never ending flow of things to be signed and completed for school. Lots of things that I don’t think will lessen as we settle down to school days.

So, instead of taking moment to relax and have a glass of protein smoothie on the porch after the school bus leaves, why do I scramble out? Sometimes I think I would be more relaxed if I could balance my mind. So why do I do what I do? 

Why do you workout

Some reasons are common amongst a lot of people –

  • I love the high and endorphins of a good workout.
  • Running and exercising gives me an outlet and helps me retain my sanity.
  • I love the way my body has changed from “trying to lose weight” to “be healthy, fit and happy”.
  • I can’t deny that I bask in the admiration and approval when I post on social media.

But there is something else that keeps me going.  

Setting Goals That I can Finish

Life as a supermom is so crazy that a lot of things are left unfinished everyday. I have piles of unfinished craft projects (including an *almost finished* knitted sweater for my then 2.5yo. She is now 8.), my house always looks like a tornado went through it with things on the counters and tables, I’m always chauffeuring and cooking more than cleaning and getting things in order, …. just a pile of everything going on. Unfinished for most part.

Running (and Crossfit when I did it regularly) is one aspect of my life that I can FINISH. I have to finish the day’s run, else I can’t get back to my car and get to work. 
I have to finish my weekly training schedule, else I can’t have a good race and let me tell you – a normally happy person is not pleasant to be around when they are not happy!

Having a goal gives me back control over a tiny thing amidst the chaos. Every race completed (with proper training) proves to me that somewhere in the body of the supermom, there is still that high school go-getter. I have not lost “me”.


They watch me at races sometimes (mostly towards the end). They see that I’m almost at the end of the pack. They see me smiling and laughing.
They think races are the most fun things ever and they want to race too. And they know that just because you are not the best, you don’t give up if you really want to do something.

They see me pick them up from their class on Saturdays after my long run in sweaty clothes and compression socks (the “weird” combination for normal people).  
They greet me with questions on how my run was and if I have had my chocolate milk (I’ve been known to save it for them sometimes when I’ve forgotten to pick up extras for them).

They saw Mr. FauxTriathlete float swim down the river at Augusta inspite of not knowing how to swim. 
They think Daddy is the bravest person they ever know!
They saw the amount of work he put in the pool week after week to get comfortable in the water. 
They think Daddy is the most hard working person ever!

So many life lessons through exercise and sports! And they learn it all on their own without me having to point it out. 

Any surprise that I choose to let them learn it by seeing us go for our goals?

My 4yo drew this – “Mummy ran a race and got a medal (the little blue thing). And it has rainbows because rainbow makes everything better.” How can it NOT make me search for rainbows on every run?


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.28.10 AM


I was a very outgoing person with lots of friends in school and part of college life. But then I grew up and turned into an introvert! I was (am) socially awkward and I forgot how to “reach out” and just “hang out” and just could not make new with other girls in my social circle (I only got to know people after my kids started making their friends). The fact that Mr. FauxTriathlete is the same way with a few good friends and no social life didn’t help. 

But running opened up the world to me. I was self-conscious the first year of running and when I joined a group to train for my first marathon. But running brought back the high school kid in me. I made new friends, my self confidence started showing through, I learnt to walk into a group and introduce myself without feeling the need to hide behind someone I knew (although I still do that in some situations). I even join conversations at my cross fit box without feeling like a stranger!

I like the person I am now evolving into. 

Left - October 2009, Right - August 2014
Left – October 2009, Right – August 2014
Difference in not just the way I look or weigh, but also in the way I feel think and feel.

What about you? Why do you exercise?
How has life changed for you without you realizing that it did?

This post was inspired by the linkup with Amanda at MomWhoTris, Susan at MomSwimBikeRun and Sue at ThisMamaRunsForCupcakes for Wonder Mom Wednesdays! 

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