The Weekender Edition – 7/22

The Weekender Edition – 7/22

The weekend started at 4:30am – to drive 45min for a 12 mile run. Yes, utterly insane, but completely understandable given how much I like socializing with my running group. On brutal hills and humidity, I was the sweeper of the group trying to make sure that the last few people made it fine (I didn’t have to do it, but  … that’s a new post coming up altogether).
The 10 people who “liked” my post – all runners who were up at insane:30am to make the same drive !!
An added allure of a rare breakfast with the people from my pace group. Usually, my group prefers to run miles and then  run home and I end up with the faster people at Starbucks.
Banana Walnut Nutella Pancakes – Easy to see why I made the decision to drive down.
We were lucky to get tickets to see the Atlanta Open Championships, which was won by Andy Roddick. Some cool tennis that reminded us of our time in Melbourne watching the Aus Open in 2005. 

Andy Roddick and Muller (LUX) at the Finals

Good thing we got a family picture in before we started burning and melting in the heat

As usual a busy weekend, when in reality nothing actually got done. Sigh. I need a 3 day weekend!

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