Ink n Burn Pullover with Thumbhole – Review

Ink n Burn Pullover with Thumbhole – Review

Runners – have you seen this meme?

InknBurn Pullover

This is me when it comes to selecting long sleeve shirts! I I think Kate at Big Peach Running Co. might have turned me on to them a while ago and since then I’ve come to love them and prefer the thumbhole shirt over normal long sleeves. 

Why all that fuss over thumbholes?

When you start a run and it is slightly chilly, but not that chilly that you’ll need gloves for your run – long sleeves with thumbholes are perfect.
Or when when it is cold and windy and you are wearing gloves – using the thumbhole will provide some extra warmth and will keep the cold air out.

I particularly love them since I have some old burns on my left wrist and the skin layer is very thin there, so my left hand/fingers tends to get colder than my right. The thumbhole long sleeve is perfect for a little extra cold protection. 

Now that we’ve established that I love thumbhole shirts, you can imagine my excitement when Ink n Burn came out with pullover with thumbhole for their fall/winter collection. 

Ink N Burn Pullover with Thumbholes Review

The Designs

The Ink n Burn pullover with thumbhole are released in two designs – The Healing Mandala and The Crane. I cannot do justice to describing the meaning of the designs, so I will reference the Ink n Burn website there. 

The Healing Mandala – Our newest mesmerizing healing mandala pulls you in and soothes with its symmetrical, spiraling design.  Illustrated by our own Tiny Bubbles, this detailed mandala also features the most well known of Taoist symbols the Yin-Yang.  A reminder to seek balance in all things and that sometimes you need to take the time to heal and recover in order to excel. 

Ink n Burn

The Crane – Graceful wisteria drifts down over a patchwork landscape of Japanese styled textiles.  Majestic cranes that represent a soaring spirit and happiness swirl through this rich terrain.  At one time, it was thought that these beautiful red crowned cranes lived to be a thousand years old.  Because of this they are also a symbol of longevity and good luck. 

Ink n Burn Pullover with Thumbhole

While the Crane has beautiful swirls of fall colors, with my love for all things geometrical and symmetric, I chose to get the Healing Mandala. I have the same design in magenta in a racerback for summer, so this would be a perfect compliment. (If only I could track down the short sleeve version, my collection will be complete!)

As promised, the details in the Healing Mandala design is intricate centered on the yin-yang. The way the entire design drapes on the back is beautiful. When I saw the designs on the website, I was at first a tad disappointed that the Healing Mandala was not in color (my magenta racerback Healing Mandala is vibrant). But on receiving this design, I could feel the beauty of the design along with the calmness of the monotone colors. Almost as if I could color it what I wished depending on my mood!

Ink n Burn Healing Mandala

Healing Mandala
The Thumbhole

The Pullover

“This cozy pullover is made with our heavier weight fabric that is brushed on the inside for a soft, cozy feel.  The sleeves are extra long and come with thumb holes to help keep your hands warmer on those cold early mornings.  This top runs slightly larger for layering so if you want it snug, size down.” – Ink n Burn website

Being used to the lightweight Ink n Burn shirts/Ts, I was surprised at the heavier fabric of the Ink n Burn Pullover, until I put it on. It was comfortable and cozy, almost like a hoodie. The brushed fleece is a winner! I will admit that in my hurry to order this beauty, I did not read directions well and ordered the same size as  my usual Ink n Burn shirts, but I know from previous experience that I like a thin layer between my body and a brushed fleece shirt (while running only).  Even without the inner layer, it draped well over me and did not appear baggy.

Ink n Burn Pullover
Please ignore the open pantry door!!
The little minion had to sneak in!
The little minion had to sneak in!
Covers my burn on the wrist perfectly.
Covers my burn on the wrist perfectly.

 Not sure why this pose came about. Maybe I was practicing my victory/finish line pose in boots? But it shows how long the sleeves and the shirt are. No pulling on the sleeves and no riding up. 

Ink n Burn Pullover

I can see myself with this on many a winter training days for my London Marathon. And as a non-running staple shirt – paired with Ink n Burn jeans and a long cozy open cardigan or tights and boots as in the photos above!

 While I am an Ambassador, I wrote this review because I love the Ink n Burn pullover and want to spread the love. I purchased the Ink n Burn pullover on my own and all opinions are my own. I was not compensated monetarily for this blog post.

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