All Out Low Impact HIIT by Cathe

All Out Low Impact HIIT by Cathe

As a (faux) runner, I have been looking avidly at different types of cross-training and strength training. Of late, given the constraints of time in a full-time working mom’s life, I have started looking into at home DVDs and have been doing the couple I have. I was looking to change things up when I received this DVD from Cathe. The ‘All Out Low Impact HIIT’ is part of the X-Train series.
When I first got the DVD, I was excited to try the HIIT, but not too sure about the Low Impact. Is it possible for an all-out workout to be low impact?
The warmup lasted 5 minutes and was normal, just like any other of my exercise DVDs or a step class with butt kicks, leg raises, etc.
So far so good.

The main workout is 3 parts long, one with minimal hand weights, the second with steps and the third with sliders. Since I was still in marathon training mode and didn’t want to try anything new before the marathon, I did only the first one with hand weights. I loved that it incorporated kickboxing moves. I am a huge fan of kickboxing as exercise and a stress-reliever! I was dripping sweat even before the first 10min was up!

I revisited the DVD yesterday and worked up to the step part. ┬áThe workout was fun, just like a step class (not surprising, as Cathe ‘s first video was a Step Aerobics one). Now, the third part with the sliders – I am not sure if I would attempt it. I have 2 left feet and am a little vary about doing things with my feet that would hurt my running. I could see how they would work leg muscles for someone who tried it.

The only thing that struck me as a little weird was the background music. It was too low to actually register and I had the feeling that once I got really proficient at the moves and didn’t need instructions as much, I might want to turn up the music.

I was impressed how the moves that were selected were actually high impact that was modified to low impact. Very easy on those knees. And even for a runner, it was easy to do it as a HIIT cross-training without stressing out my knees more than they need to be.

Cathe sure got me moving!

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Disclaimer: I was given the DVD to review as part of the FitFluential Team. All opinions expressed are my own.
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