Keeping Things Simple: Weekly Recap

Keeping Things Simple: Weekly Recap

This week was all about building back gains that I had started last week after sickness – going back to basics and just focusing on marathon training running without clutter/chatter from other activities. I focused on getting 4 runs in the week and because I skipped swimming, added one more base run to that. I also started a functional strength routine to help my core-hip-glutes.

I usually get very distracted by wanting to do ALL THE THINGS! I want to run all the races, participate in all the classes, run all the miles, do yoga, crossfit, and everything that I hear about. The past year and a half with coach showed me the importance of focus on my specific sport and needing to train with that goal in mind. In a way, keeping things simple has increased focus on marathon training, and increasing focus on marathon training has kept things simple. I’m at 13 weeks out to my marathon day – and basically, Run! (On that note, if any of my readers are Whovians, check out my five fictional characters I’d love to train with.)

Weekly Recap

Weekly Training

Weekly Recap

Monday: Rest even though I did plan to lightly spin for 30min or so, that never happened

Tuesday: 3 x 1 mile Treadmill Mile Repeats at Lunchtime.
Running at lunchtime on treadmill makes it easier than running on the treadmill in the morning. Wonder why? Warmed up body, maybe? Either way, the numbers from last year felt easy. I debated going for 4 x 1 mile (which was what I was doing at 13 weeks to marathon day last year with coach), but this was my first set of mile repeats and I didn’t want to overdo it even though I was feeling really good.

Wednesday: 5 miles at 5 am with friends. Was a good morning even though temps said 24F. Right side/hip felt sore during the second half of the run. Not surprising given the mile repeats on treadmill the previous day. I had actually planned for a very very slow z2 run (14:30-15:00ish pace), but it’s kind of hard to step down to a slower pace when running with friends. 

Thursday: Spin with Ashton.
One word – Whew! 

Bike on Trainer

Friday: Base 4 miles. I had originally planned to do hill repeats, but that hip was still feeling awkward and there was a weird soreness in my knee, so I skipped it for some easy base miles. Again on the treadmill. And then promptly ate 2 slices of pizza. Sigh.

Saturday: 3 miles of Snow Run
With that knee soreness, I debated canceling the run. But it had snowed very lightly overnight and was coming down in the morning and I just could not resist. Ran easy for 3 miles just enjoying the snowflakes on noses and eyelashes! 

Snow Run
Absolutely joyful run!

Sunday: 10 miles
Even though I did run the mileage I had planned, I was so frustrated with this run. Mainly because I was very unfocused. I kept stopping to talk to a ton of people and the entire run was stop and go. I had been working on foam rolling my glutes, so I wanted to just put in miles without any other pressure. Bumped into a lot of people and it was really fun talking and running with them!

Strength Training

I’ve been struggling with this ever since I can remember. The scare that I had from the sore knee forced me to take action instead of just planning. I picked up some very simple exercises focusing on the core, hip and glutes. It is by no means a complete program, but it is good for a start. It is only 15 min long and I did them twice this week (since I only started on Thursday).

My is plan to keep at the simple core-hip-glute routine along with foam rolling and stretching for 3/week until mid-Feb and then reevaluate to either add more or modify. I’ll be talking about my routine later this week.

Foam Roller


My usual breakfast is a protein smoothie. I usually make 2 large servings and split it between breakfast and snack time. This week, after the 5 @ 5 run, I took time to make my favorite PB2, chocolate smoothie!

pb2 chocolate smoothie

And the most exciting piece of news – 


Yes, I was shouting that from the rooftops. I registered this past week with Team Run for Autism and booked hotel and flights for the entire family. We are all very excited! This is really going to happen!
(If you would like to support my fundraising goal, you can donate at I appreciate any amount you can spare to support me)

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