Kids Triathlon: Lessons from Little Miss FauxTriathlete

Kids Triathlon: Lessons from Little Miss FauxTriathlete

My Little Miss FauxTriathlete (8) is in training! She had her first “group training” for the kids triathlon and it focused on the bike. Specifically, how to pass another person on a bike.

She has been riding for a grand total of 1 month and is very nervous rider. When she saw the ten or so other kids with their bikes, some with fancy bikes and some with cute bikes w/streamers, she was super nervous. Remembering how nervous I was during my first clip less ride, all I could do was give her a quick hug and reassurance that I’d be nearby and all she needed do to was ride easy and steady.

The instructor set up a little loop in the parking lot and the kids were off. My girl let everyone go before she started off.

The other kids went zoom zooming and you could see the nervousness on my girl’s face! She was passed and lapped by everyone (just like her Mum !) but she kept steady. She followed the rules and didn’t get too nervous when other kids passed by too close or passed on her right. At one point, she noticed an older kid slowing down and I could see her eyes light up and she started pedaling furiously. When she passed the kid, her face was flushed with pure achievement (and heat!).

Oh! How I loved watching her do something without complaining inspite of her nervousness of riding in a group and just plain not liking to ride!

But that wasn’t all!

Little Miss FauxRunner (5), who says she wants to do a “triathlon with only running”, was tired of sitting in the sidelines. She demanded to go to the pool to show off her new swimming skills learnt at swim camp last week. And so we went.

While Little Miss FauxRunner was showing off (and surprising me!), Little Miss FauxTriathlete swam 300 yds. She took breaks after every 50yds, but there was absolutely no whining as she kept swimming. When I asked her after 200yds if she was done, she said she had to go on until 300yds because that was in her “training plan”!

All this after being out in the heat of the afternoon for the past 4-5 hours!


She amazed me with her determination and gave me a good lesson – if its in the training plan, DO it! No matter how tired you may be!

Hopefully I am able to remember that when going forward with Dopey training, even when my legs are tired and my body is lazy.

Moms and Dads – have your kids done a triathlon? What do they think of the transition from running for fun to putting 3 sports together?
How have your kids inspired you to do better – at running/tri or anything in life?


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