Lance Armstrong – Clean or Dirty?

After today’s official statement from Lance Armstrong, refusing to fight any more against the USADA’s allegations – Is he Clean or Is he Dirty?
Lance Armstrong – Clean and Hunted
  • The Man is a Ninja
    It is very well possible that Lance Armstrong is a Ninja and did not need to take external help to be the best of the best for those years. After all, he has an amazing resting heart rate of 32-34 and a max HR of 201 bpm (source: Wikipedia). He was a triathlete before being a cyclist and even as an amateur was beating the pros. In the recent months, at age 42, has won Ironman 70.3 Florida and Hawaii and was one of the contendors at the 2013 Kona Ironman World Championships.
  • He hasn’t failed a drug test
    The years that he raced, he did not fail a drug test (although there are allegations of a saddle sore prescription and allegations of coverups). It has been 17 years since he won his first Tour title. A tad ridiculous to still go behind him all these years later, IMO. Especially when he has given samples over samples to prove them otherwise.
  • Innocent until proven guilty
    People either seem convinced that he’s guilty or that he’s not. And those who are convinced that he is guilty have all seem to think that his giving up the fight against USADA has cemented his guilt. Several women admitted to being witches and were burnt at the stake as such, merely to be done with the torture of the hunt. 

Lance Armstrong – Doper and Liar

  • Marion Jones never failed a drug test either
    Personally, this is a double edged statement. While it clearly shows that it is easy to workaround drug tests; it is not equatable to saying just because she never failed and yet doped, so did Lance Armstrong. But, it does show that drug testing is behind the times and can be evaded by someone smart (or dumb enough to take drugs).
  • Everyone did it
    A quick glance through the podium finishers of Tour De France the years that Lance won shows a list of cyclists suspended for doping, admitting to doping, ties to doping scams. So where does that put him? A level playing field and he was just the smartest of the bunch to avoid it?
  • A PR Scoop?
    Along with the 7 Tour titles, Lance Armstrong has left his mark as a person who has inspired thousands of people to turn to cycling and as a person who has created a LIVESTRONG legacy. Stripping away titles is a technicality, but a Lance Armstrong proven guilty of doping AND lying in a court of law would strip away his reputation, the whole foundation of people believing in him. So walking away from the USADA’s allegations with a ‘do what you will’ attitude leaves everything in the same status quo. Did he or did he not? We will never know. The believers will cling to the hope that he didn’t and that’s the population that he has his reputation to maintain with.
If he did not and is proved or not proved – WTG Mr. Ninja for showing them.
If he did and wasn’t proved – he is stronger than other dopers AND smarter.
If he did and is proved –  Can we all now go back to cleaning the mess the sport has landed in?
Personally, I don’t think I care after all these years if he did it or not.
Maybe the admission from Hansie Cronje eroded my faith on the cleanliness of professional, high stakes sports of any kind.
What do you think? Was Lance Armstrong clean or dirty?
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