Weird Running Conversations

Weird Running Conversations

With fallback week comes a sense of fun, even if the run is only 12 miles.

Surprisingly, our entire group was together most of the distance, and the conversation ranged from Lance Armstrong to Paul Ryan to Tennis Doping to Boob Jobs to Bubble Popping. Umm… yes, it really did, even with the boys participating in the conversation.
To anyone who overheard the conversation, or was part of it, I hope we can still run together and be friends 🙂

A Baby Turtle we saw on the trail and our science teacher, Beth, seeing it to safety.
And fallback week mileage of 12 miles gave me Dutch courage to run with the faster girls for a little bit. 

What weird conversations have you had with your running buddies (male/female), that you normally wouldn’t talk about?

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