Memorial Day 5K

Memorial Day 5K

Well … I ran a 5k this morning – to run on Memorial Day, to run with friends (Julia #‎TeamLoki and Brandi), and to check my HR zones.

Since I hadn’t trained for a 5k, and I have run maybe 4 times since London a month ago, the “race” was more of a fast-run. I did beat a high school kid though, running up a hill – while trying to talk life lessons to her about not giving up 🙂 

Before the race, bright and shiny.



Gorgeous morning to be out – until we started running in the heat and hills !!

And then I ended up looking like this …

Ok, it wasn’t all that bad. Just felt like dying as soon after the race. And felt much better after some water. 

Brandi ran the 10k and Julia & I ran the 5k. Medals for everyone around!

The Tri-Geeks won plenty of extra hardware awards.
I used to ride with them all the time last year, and swim and hang out at their after bike-swim picnic!

My time? 36.xx – slow and embarrassing. But not surprising given my lack of any form of exercise this past 1 month. 

My HR zones? When I uploaded my workout, Training Peaks told me that my new Threshold was 175, and using that in Joe Friel’s training zones gives me a Z2 of max 157. If I consider that I got my numbers from a race instead of just straight out 30min hard running and unscientifically lower it by a few beats, the zones are still about 10 beats higher than what I trained with. Maybe I’ll do one more standalone test without a race, after I recover sufficiently from this one!

If you train by Heart Rate Zones, do you calculate them based on a race or standalone run or MAF?
Did you run any races on Memorial Day or over the weekend? Has it started to get insanely hot or is it still cool enough to enjoy running?


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