Mother’s Day – Thank you, Mum

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has become sort of a hallmark holiday for me. The minions do their projects at school and bring in cute little mementos. Every year I ask for a clean house and I get a dinner out instead. I even get flowers sometimes even though I ask for a live plant instead of flowers. But through all this is an exchange of gifts or an action on ONE day that is meant to cherish a mother.

Growing up in India, there was no concept of a one dedicated day being Mother’s Day. Mothers went about their day taking care of everyone and everything, every single day. Words of “I love you” were rarely exchanged in my house. I remember baking my mum a cake on her birthday. I must’ve been in 9th grade or so, and it was my first every gift to her. And she was so embarrassed to be made a fuss of. She still is!

So I want to write a note to her and publish it on the interwebz for everyone to read 🙂

Mother's Day
Mum with Minion #1, 6 years ago. Its been 3 years since I visited. Trip is overdue!

Dear Mum,

Thank you.

Thank you for making me study all year round and insisting that preparation throughout the year made me better equipped with confidence. I’m finding that you are absolutely right – following my training plan makes me face my race with confidence.

Thank you for always telling me that lack of talent shouldn’t be a reason to quit one’s passion and that hardwork makes up for lack of talent. I don’t have an athletic bone in my body but I refuse to quit and will work to get to my goal.

Thank you for never making me feel like I was fat (even though I was!), teaching me that what my body could do was more important than how my body looked and helping me with a healthy body image. Even though I wish I could be 15lbs lighter, I am never driven by the thought of weight loss and embrace my body for the strength it has.

Thank you for encouraging me to set lofty goals. I would have never dreamed of flying away if it weren’t for you. I still wouldn’t have dreamed to think of doing a marathon or triathlon without those memories in my mind.

Thank you, mum.

Did I call Mother’s Day a Hallmark holiday? Let me say that it might be what Hallmark made it, but I will love that atleast on this day I put into words what Mum means to me.

What lesson do you draw from your mum?
How does that influence your life as a runner/athlete?


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