Now What?

Now What?

Due to a combination of various factors, I’m exhausted and my “perkiness level” (as Kate from Big Peach put it) is at 1.1 instead of the usual 9.8. So to take my mind off of it, I did what I always do – head to the Get Fit forums and read up on race reports and seminar notes. And from there I’m trying to formulate a plan.

How do I feel?
The runners high that lasted all Sunday and most of Monday gave way to the blahs for the rest of the week. Physically, I did not push myself too much out of my comfort zone, so it feels like a super long training run.

What are my long term goals?
I would like to get to 5:30ish in the marathon distance at Chicago or Philly. Which means that I need to learn to run at a 12:45 pace and bring down my ‘comfort pace’ aka warmup pace from 13:20 to 13:00; by stepping out of my comfort zone.
How will I do this – I don’t know yet. Food for thought when the season begins again.

What are my immediate goals? Perhaps setting this will give me some direction.

  • Stretching and Yoga – Get back into the routine of the 5:5:5
  • Swimming – 2 swim sessions/week. If I can keep up with it in the month of March, I’m sure I will be able to carry it on to April and beyond and make it a habit. 
  • Strength Training – Lets get this party started now. If it will help me get stronger and faster, I will suck it up and do it!
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