6 Days to Chicago – Defining Goals

6 Days to Chicago – Defining Goals

As with everything else, I’ve been thinking and rethinking and then thinking some more about what my goals are for Chicago.

I’m thinking KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.

So with that theory – My goal is to finish. I want that bling on my neck. Finishing with a smile instead of grimace would be nicer.
End of statement.

But …

I don’t do things simple. I need plan A, B, C, D, …… and then forget everything in the heat of the moment and go with a mashup of the plans, .. or something weird like that.

Plan A: The absolute best race – Try to get to a time in 5:40s (pace of 13:10 which I have done over 21 miles).

Plan B: A little bit of oops here and there – Try to get in a time under 6hrs (pace of 13:50, been doing that all summer in heat and humidity)

Plan C: Oh oh, thats a lot to deal with – Finish with a Smile and preferably upright.

Plan D: I hate this race and everything that comes with it – WTH is the Finish? Crawl if necessary but cross the line.

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