What’s Next?

What’s Next?

This post was supposed to be written 3 weeks later, after Philadelphia Marathon brought an end to my season. Alas, that was not to be. My racing season (and year) has ended and with that comes the big question ‘What Next’? (Also inspired in part by Jesica of rUnLadyLike)

Strength Training
While I’ve been promising myself this every time, this time it is for serious. I have various options that I’ve been thinking about and I’m committing myself to it next week (or as soon as this sickness is kicked out). I am starting off with doing stuff myself until Thanksgiving and then it is time to up it by joining Bootcamp or getting a Personal Trainer (I might have to take a LA Fitness membership for this in addition to the YMCA I have, but I don’t mind since I have 2 LAF near work). I did think about Crossfit, but I will admit that I am too chicken to try it.

Although I have all those races that I will be doing speed workouts for, strength training 3 days/week is my main focus for Winter.

Cross Training
Yes, that is in the works too!
With reduced running mileage, I should have plenty of copious time for some swimming and biking. Swimming is my main goal however, with bike taking the backseat. My running buddies might make fun of my non-existant triathlon goals, but I love swimming and I would just like to get efficient at it. Nothing more.

I might dabble in Pilates/Yoga classes, entirely depending on how strong/sore I will be from strength training.


When I finally get this sickness out of my system, my goal is to run 3 days/week. To run naked without worrying about pace until the end of the year and then to see where it leads me.
The few races on my radar are

  • The Resolution Run 5k on Jan 1st. This will be my 4th year of doing it and it was my first ‘serious’ race ever in 2010. 
  • Also on the works is Chattahoochee Challenge 10k (my second ‘serious’ race in 2010) or Tartan Trot 10k on Feb 2nd. I would also love to run one of the Christmas season runs with my family, but not sure yet. 
  • Almost all my running group (and everyone else in Atlanta) is doing the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k on Jan 17th. I might do the 5k with my 6yo just for fun.
  • Before I forget – there is the matter of a not-so-small 26.2 on March 3rd in Little Rock, AK that needs some attention too.
  • Georgia Publix Half Marathon on March 17th, 2 short weeks after Little Rock. Which makes me question if I will be recovered in time.

The World outside of Running

I am constantly surprised that there actually exists a world outside of running! 
A lot of my husband’s frustration comes from the fact that I am so obsessed wrapped-up in my goal. It is time for me to show a little TLC to the other things that used to interest me before I became this obsessed passionate. 
  • I’m pulling out my yarn to make some Christmas time scarfs for my girls. 
  • I am going to FINALLY work on our first Marathon Memorabilia. Nothing too fancy, just a shadow box with Photo, Medal and possibly Bib (what’s with the huge Bibs these days!). Which reminds me that I actually have to order photos from 2011. Yikes!
  • Project with my kid to put in photos/scrapbook of her visit to India this year. She loved doing it for her Washington DC trip. 
  • Some messy baking with the kids. I am not a baker, but am looking forward to this!
That’s plenty to keep me busy and occupied, but not burnt out until the beginning of 2013; when I shall evaluate my racing plans for the year combined with my husband’s goals!

Those of you with an “off-season”, what are your plans? Are you taking time off entirely or are you taking this time to try out other things? 

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