Pinspiration Friday: Yoga Poses For Runners

Pinspiration Friday: Yoga Poses For Runners

What is Pinspiration Friday? 
Every other Friday, I scout around that wonderful place Pinterest (which I refer to fondly as Facebook on crack!) for motivation and inspiration to share.

I usually share motivational quotes or inspirational messages during Pinspiration Friday. But this week I’m sharing something practical – a simple cheat sheet for yoga stretches.

As runners and triathletes, focus on training and nutrition but sometimes forget the active rest that our body needs to recover. And yoga/stretches helps with this active rest.

This quick reference guide has some great poses that work on all the running muscles. My favorite – the hip openers, especially after sitting in a chair all day long!  

Yoga Poses for Runners


What are some of your favorite yoga poses that address your problem areas?

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