Post Marathon Blues

Post Marathon Blues

Well, not really.

Its a different kind of blues.
One that is leaving me wondering what I could’ve done better in Chicago, what I can do better. I should be able to do a better than 6hrs 16min finish, right? Right??

As Coach David put it – I have to decide between distance and speed with 2 choices.

Do another marathon in Jan to satisfy my longing for the distance and then a March(maybe not) and the Fall target.

  • I can see where my training has left me – if Chicago was my real time, or I have it in me for a bit more. 
  • I have a decent base, I’ve recovered fast (both physically and mentally).
  • The cost would be whew! If the Fall target race is indeed Victoria, I would so much like to do that with the group than go off in Jan alone!

Work to improve speed and strength over winter and do the Target races in March and October. 

  • Although I’ve gotten over being that slow, I really am embarrassed about 6hrs 16min! My 13.1 speed isn’t anything much to brag about either (2hrs 49min at Georgia Half in March). 
  • Would backing off on the marathon in Jan and starting all over with the group in winter (but running the saturday runs in the beginning low mileages faster at 12:30-13:00 instead of 13:30-14:00) help me?
  • Any $$ saved would be great for the Fall target race! It would be much easier to convince the husband too!
As much I want to do the first option, I’m leaning towards the second. I could do a sprinkling of halfs and 5k/10k to access myself over winter. And maybe enjoy some time with Zumba and swimming.
My current schedule reads as
  • October 30th: Atlanta Marathon Relay 5.1 mile leg
  • November 24th: Thanksgiving Half Marathon (I’d like to see if I can get closer to 2:40 here, or atleast get under 2:45)
  • December … : I’m sure there are some Jingle Jog 5ks nearby that I could do
  • January 1st: Resolution Run 5k
  • January ……… Find another Half Marathon nearby?
  • February : Chattahoochee Challenge 10k (Would it be reasonable to aim for 1:10 here)
  • February 19th: Locomotive Half Marathon (This could be my A race, aiming for 2:30, but its still hilly!)
  • March 24: Georgia Half Marathon (If I was doing a Spring Marathon, this would be a ‘run for fun’ race)

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