What Spikes?

I got my Garmin 305 to finally read my HR monitor (simple case of asking the Garmin to recognize the monitor! Thanks to Cody at Cadence Bikes, Sandy Springs GA) and of course used it to play!
I tested my resting rate as 63 in the am; after being up since 4am! 
And then hopped on the treadmill at 7:30am for some speed intervals (2 x mile repeats and 2 x 800Yassos). So the chart says that my HR spiked to 180 and then went slightly up from there to 187-190. When I stopped the intervals, it dropped to 125-130. 
I posted on Facebook asking for help to read this data, and Pitbull jokes aside, I’ve learnt that – 
Lactic/Aerobic Threshold is approximately : 180.
Max HR if I was chased by a dog could be as high : 200 (higher for a pitbull, I’m sure).
Recovery HR : 120-130.
Long Runs could be run in the range of : 155-165 
Resting HR can indicate if I’m overtraining or not.
And many many more …. 
I’m on an information overload right now, trying to process all this information and trying to figure out how to get beyond that Kumbaya/Comfort pace using this information. 

And wondering if I will see similar spikes in my HR if I read/watch Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. 

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