Running releases more than just Sweat

Running releases more than just Sweat

Source: Asics Brand Campaign
Source: Asics Brand Campaign

All of Friday and Saturday morning, my mind was filled with negativity, self doubts, worry, regrets, frustration, anger, and … you name it.  All ingredients for a migraine.
So I ran.

I ran to forget my present.
I ran to take out my frustration.
I ran to prove a point to myself.

But running that day was far more therapeutic. More powerful than me trying to channel negativity into something better.

Running released the frustration I had. I had a smile on my face after the run.
Running erased the self doubts I had. I had just run for almost 2 hrs, how could it not make me feel top of the world?
Running released the worries I had. The wind in my face blowing back my hair blew it all away.
Running filled me with self confidence. I had literally got up from the couch and I’ve achieved so much in just one year, nothing could keep me from doing anything I wanted.
Running purged my anger.
Running made me let go of my negativity by filling me with positive energy.

I released far more than just sweat that day when I ran.

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