Sheer Exhaustion – Why?

Sheer Exhaustion – Why?

This was how I felt yesterday after 14 miles, except it was at home and about 5 hours after the run.

I haven’t felt this exhausted in forever, not since my first 7-8 mile run 18 months ago. So it took me by complete surprise. And I want to  obsess to death record and analyze what happened so I can take care to prevent it.


  • Woke up at 4:20am after 10-10:30pm bedtime.
  • Breakfast of 1/2 slice Almond Butter and 1/4 banana at 5:15am on the drive. 
  • 14 miles (with 2 Gu and 1 pack Clif Shot block). Done by 9:45am.
  • 1 Banana, 1 golfish/pretzel mix, 2 bottles water, 1/2 slice Almond Butter and 1/4 banana immediately after.
  • Solid Lunch at 1pm (carbs:proteins in 3:1 ratio). 
  • Fatigue sets in. 
  • 30min nap from 2-2:30.
  • Birthday party at 3pm with 1 slice cheese pizza and small piece of cake.
  • Back home and still fatigued. 
  • Slice of leftover Quesadilla at 6pm. 
  • Dinner of rice, potato, cauliflower and lentils at 7:30pm.

What I did different from every other long run day

  • 1 mile more than I’ve been used to – Doesn’t seem as big a difference as I could’ve gone on for a bit more if needed.
  • Heat and humidity was worse than previous saturdays, if that’s even possible – Nothing I could do about it, but I’d have thought I’d be acclimatized by now. I could feel a bonk coming on at around 4.5 miles, but it turned out that I just needed a Gu. Was fine after that. I ran a bit slower than my usual, although I did push up Nickajack hill as usual for the last 2 miles. But honestly, the last 2 miles wasn’t all that different than any other day. 
  • A little less hydration on Friday than usual – Could this have made that big a difference?
  • Forgetting to take along my chocolate milk/protein drink for recovery immediately following the run. But I did have the banana and almond butter sandwich – Could not having the protein recovery have made that big a difference?
I wonder what caused me to the point of sheer exhaustion like that. Every time I’d eat, I’d get a spurt of energy that lasted only 30 minutes. I was pretty useless for the entire day. Only felt better around bedtime. 
Today, nothing. I feel fine, legs feel fine. 
Hmmmm … wonder what went wrong in the delicate equation of my body!
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