Three Things Thursday – Food again

  1. It was ironic that the day I blogged about my relationship with food was the day that Dailymile had a #dailymission question – what is the most important thing you do nutrition-wise that helps your training?
    And I realized – I don’t have an answer. I don’t really do anything much. While I don’t binge-eat anymore, my intake of vegetables has dwindled in the past 2 months – ever since I started this stressful job working from home. I am now realizing that I get up at lunch time, go to the fridge and eat a little bit of what I find there. While I don’t overeat on the portion, the nutrients is missing, the vegetables are missing.
  2. Packaged snacks used to be treats. But with activities and my crazy work,┬ámy kids are eating packaged snacks and juice boxes every evening. Its been organic goldfish and pretzels, but still …
  3. What can change?
    5 servings of vegetables a day. 2 servings at lunch/dinner salad, 1 serving in my breakfast smoothie, and 2 servings as snack munchies. Doesn’t sound that difficult, does it?
    Homemade snack packs for a week like I used to. With almonds, dry fruits, raisins and yes, some goldfish.
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