Singing in the Rain

Forecast called for thunderstorms at 12noon. Hoped that started at 7am would let me beat it. Almost …. Rain for the first 3 miles, but got poured on for the last 3 miles. There was too much thunder and lightening and I had to stop 1.15 miles before planned.
Megan and I in for some early am miles. 

I was torn between deciding a mileage for this run. Finally settled on 15 for sure, anything more depending on the ankle, and aimed for 20-21. The rain got me to do only 19.86, but I felt good at the end (even when the rain was pelting me) and even got to -ve splits. We did stop for a little longer than necessary at the water stops, so it wasn’t a perfect 20 miler as recommended, but I’ll take it for now. Just need to make sure that the next 21 is as planned and the complete distance too.

And oh yes – I did sing and do a little dance in the rain 🙂

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