Oh! The things I do for bling (or a TShirt!).


I very rarely sign up for 5k races without looking at the weather forecast. The logistics of the race takes more time than the running itself. The Atlanta Women’s 5k race had the allure of a really cute TShirt, in purple this year, and a necklace.

It also was to be my first “race” race, where I planned to run it to the best of my ability and then use it as a point to start training from. Unfortunately, thunder and lightening followed and after about an hour of waiting in the rain, the officials cancelled the race and the group of us ended up for brunch; where I proceeded to eat far more than my 0.0 miles allowed me to.

Until next time for a 5k!

Have you recently run in the pouring rain, with maybe some thunder and lightening thrown in? (My friend Shirley ran her 21 miles on the same morning as my cancelled race!!) 
What is the weather that you draw lines at for running or do you run in every kind of weather?


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