Exhausted, Exasperated and Emotional

Exhausted – I was tired all day Saturday and Sunday after my 16.something miles in hilly Buckhead. As I lounged on the couch, I realized that I’ve been exhausted way more than I realize. Housework has been neglected, my cooking is sporadic at best (thank heavens for a husband who is a good cook!) and I’ve been spending too much time on the couch otherwise. Yes, I’ve been getting 2 runs/week and the long run, stretching/yoga everyday, and gentle weights once/week with no lack of energy while I’m doing them. But the general level of exhaustion is high.

Exasperated – At what? I don’t really know. Just that I am. At “things” in general. Exasperated at myself for being so darn exhausted most of the time. Exasperated that my husband thinks I’m crazy and that I overdo things. Exasperated that I’m not able to stay on top of the darn laundry pile that I just washed after I got over being so exhausted over the weekend. Exasperated that I haven’t cleaned up the kitchen after rousing myself up to cook something nice and healthy.

Emotional – Crying at the drop of a hat, edgy and nervous, nearly every run ending in barely concealed bawling. That pesky ankle that I slipped on and bumped down the stairs after I thought I’d completely healed it – the very thought of that makes me want to go boo-hoo, woe is me.  Need I say more! Weird coming off of the super high I’ve been experiencing since my PR at the Resolution Run. Girl much, huh?

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE running. I love looking forward to the new challenges to overcome. Which is why I’m not understanding why I’m feeling exhausted, exasperated and emotional.
I don’t know if these peak weeks of training has anything to do with, or if I’m overwhelmed with so many other things going on, or if I still need to tweak my food pattern to give me more energy.

Maybe this marathon training IS tough! All things that came easy the first around feels harder this time. Maybe I will take some time off after NOLA and give myself a good 2-3 months of rest with low mileage and concentrate more on .. say, strength training or swimming! 
(Ah, but then again, that is what I had planned after Chicago and I was so depressed and unmotivated for 2 months … until I signed up for NOLA and started on the training miles again.)
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