Start them Young!

We ambushed met Daddy after his 8 mile run at the Chattahoochee River Trails and dragged him along with another mile. 

The girls ran, sweated, laughed, fell down(!), whined, walked, complained, ran some more, all the while sipping on “juice water” aka water added with Nuun Hydration Tablets. We must’ve met atleast 5 people who declared that my older girl’s running skirt was the prettiest on the trail 🙂
They also biked some, but that was a collosal failure and a story for another day.
Me, I got in some 2 miles of recovery run with lots of walking/breaks thrown in and some great time with the family. But I have a feeling that Daddy is going to think twice about sleeping in, missing his group run, and going to the river for his long runs 🙂

At least one of us can keep up with them.
For now.
Tired and exhausted from the heat and the mile. 

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