With Family or Alone?

Chicago will be my first Marathon. Being my first, it will be a special event for me. And of course I want to share my special event with the husband and kidlets. 
What’s the big deal to think about then?
  1. Lodging in Chicago is super $$$$. If I travel alone, even though I will be flying, I can share the room with someone. If we go together, atleast $1200 in lodging + parking (4-5 nights instead of 3 nights shared).
  2. The kidlets are 5 and 2. The younger one is a terror while traveling and sleeping outside her bed. That means I have to be mentally prepared to have crappy sleep the night before the marathon.
  3. The husband who’s patience meter hovers at 25% most days, will have to schlep the kidlets, stroller, snacks, entertainment, etc etc etc …. be on the lookout for potty places for my picky kidlets (yeah, that’s a huge one on the list at this age).
Makes a strong case for traveling alone, eh?
But how can I leave my best cheerleaders at home on a most important race?

Do you travel with your family and kids to your races? How do you manage the logistics and the cost?
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