Armadillos and Watermelons

Armadillos and Watermelons

It is amazing how much you can look forward to a long run with excitement and nervousness. The run today didn’t disappoint. 
I laughed and joked the first 5 miles with my group doing 2:1 intervals. Even had the energy and enthusiasm to double back and check on one of the group. Took off after that with 3:1 intervals until mile 7, and then ran straight out including almost all of 2 miles of Mt. Nickajack. And maintained a good steady pace all throughout too. 10 painfree enjoyable miles in all.
Side Note: Was told that I looked like a watermelon because of my color choices (Am proud that I refrained from giving out a completely inappropriate response). The Watermelon reference kinda pulled me down since I think of watermelons as this big fat albeit juicy fruit, but I think/hope the comment was made nonchalantly and without meaning anything.
We saw a dead Armadillo within the first mile (I assume it was dead …)

One of our aid stations was stocked awesome with goodies 

My calf/foot didn’t hurt at all and I enjoyed all my miles; even though I got called a Watermelon for my color choices!

Saturday runs are incomplete without the “Bucky’s” gathering at Starbucks.

Bonus – Ice Cream time at IKEA with my munchkins in the evening

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