Struggling to find a Balance – Making Peace

Struggling to find a Balance – Making Peace

I have been fretting and feeling guilty about finding a balance between normal life and marathon training. And this was in my mailbox as Runners World’s “Daily Kick in the Butt”.

“I am thankful that there are different seasons in life and training. I have learned to embrace each season realizing how important it is to allow the body, mind and spirit to fully cycle through each. My current season of marathon training is my favorite. I love the simple life of training and going after a goal with everything I have.” – Ryan Hall

It suddenly brought a peace to my training approach.

This is a new season for me. A first. I’ve plunged head first into it. But I had not moved past the cycle of other seasons. I expected my life to run parallel to training and was disappointed and guilty when it did not.

I’ve come to the realization that this craziness will end one day. After that begins another season. What that season is – it is up to me. It can be madness all over, it can be tranquility and break for my body and mind to catch up on other things, it can be a new challenge, it can be  …. anything that the wind brings to me. And I can learn to adapt to the new season.

Until then,
I will embrace, heart and sole soul, the obsession passion of training.
I will try not to feel guilty when I am tired/lazy/exhausted/forgetful of things that are equally important to me.
I will focus on one date, one goal, one thing for now.

Oct 9th. Chicago.

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