My Worst Race

I’m joining “Tuesday on the Run” with Run the Great Wide Somewhere, MCM Mama Runs and My No-Guilt Life! Today‚Äôs topic: My worst race. What makes one give a race the title “my worst race”? It could be one with the worst possible finish time. Or one like Thanksgiving Day Half 2011, where I was completely humbled on course. Or the Atlanta 13.1 2013, which was a complete…

Disney Marathon

Dopey Challenge Race Report – The Marathon

The day of the marathon started bright and early! Not really bright, but certainly early!  (Maybe I should stop calling it the start of the day and just refer to it as the continuation of the previous night’s party!)  Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling nervous. All my nervousness was spent the day before during the half…


Looking back at 2014

At the end of 2013, I summed it up as – A bit of everything (running, yoga, crossfit, triathlon), a bit of focus lost and regained (running goals defined), a new love gained (triathlon and crossfit) and an old love reclaimed (running!). And so finishing up 2013 and going into 2014, I  had just one race in April that…