Running along the Niagara Falls, US Side

Running along the Niagara Falls, US Side

A lot us runners love running in the quiet of the early morning when there are not many people or noises about. Imagine running in that calm, but the calm accompanied by a deafening roar of one of the most iconic and majestic waterfalls.

I was on a long weekend trip to Niagara Falls with my parents and of course had to take the opportunity to run by the falls. I was very fortunate to have Ms. Teenager join me – she’s stopped running with me ever since she’s declared that she doesn’t like running anymore. I might’ve bribed her with ice cream and breakfast if she joined me.

We were staying on the US side about half a mile from Niagara Falls State Park and entered the park near the observation tower and took the scenic path towards Goat Island.

The evening before, on our first visit to the falls, we were in a mob of people. And while the falls were still as magnificent as ever, I could only hear the roar of the water mixed with the chatter of people.

This morning’s run was in silence with the sound of the tumbling cascades of the falls providing all the thundering background noise which gave an oddly calming effect in contrast to the power of the rushing rapids.

The whole loop around Goat Island and Three Sisters Island was about 6 miles. And starting the run at 7am meant that I got to enjoy the solitude of the popular falls AND the company of my teenager who was enthralled by seeing a rainbow over the falls and then running to other spots to see different angles of the falls.

Chasing Rainbows
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