The London Marathon

The London Marathon

The London Marathon, UK fresh from the success of the 2012 Olympics. One of the 5 World Marathon Majors.


  • Usually held in April with temperatures of ~60F high. (April 21 in 2013)

The Course

  • The point-to-point course is very flat with only one small rise. The triple start winds out of Greenwich Park and Blackheath Park, loops through Greenwich and across Tower Bridge. Circling Canary Wharf the course runs along the Thames past the Tower of London through Trafalgar Square and onto The Mall where you will finish in front of Buckingham Palace. The course is one of the world’s fastest and boasts of the existing women’s world record. (source: Marathon Tours)

Why do it?

  • One of the five Marathon Majors (New York, Chicago, Boston, London and Berlin) 
  • Largest annual fundraising event on the planet (Source: Virgin London Marathon)
  • Destination London for great pubs and recovery beer.
  • Costumed participants make it a lot of fun!  

  • Marathon Entry ~ $100 if selected by the lottery
  • Airfare (Atlanta, USA to London) ~ $1000 (in the month of April)
  • 4 nights stay in London in a 4* hotel ~ $800-1000
Packaged Tours  (I am not affiliated with the tours, and I have not been on any of their tours either)

  • Marathon Tours – London Marathon package (Guaranteed race entry with package that includes hotel stay. More $$ than if you booked separately, but guaranteed entry)
Would you do the London Marathon after patiently applying for their lottery year after year?
I’ve wanted to do the London Marathon ever since I thought about doing my first one. My dad lived near Kensington Gardens for a bit and he has always loved the city. I will definitely be entering the lottery for this race in a few years, when my kids are a little grown up to enjoy the city. 

Various costumes during London Marathons of the past
This is the second in a new series I’m writing ‘Dream Races and Destinations’. Most of these races are my bucket list races and I would love to hear about your dream races.
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