Ashley – Phoenix Heat, Kids, Double Stroller and a BAMR

Ashley – Phoenix Heat, Kids, Double Stroller and a BAMR

Continuing forward from the 10 Running Relation Questions started on Another Mother Runner, I am profiling some of my mother runner friends who don’t have a blog. These girls are my friends in real life, have been a motivation for me to start and continue to be an inspiration to me.

Today, I am proud to introduce BAMR Ashley Joy McClanahan from Phoenix, Arizona. Ashley is a military wife, mom to Dallas (6) Phoebe(4) and Austin(1), and rocks out with her Bob Double Stroller. Ashley was training for her first half marathon when I was despairing about signing up for my first. She rocked it and motivated me to not give up. She continued on to more half marathons before she got pregnant with Austin. After a well deserved break that gave her body and mind complete time to recover from the chaos of a 3rd baby, she is back to running and is getting a good base ready to start training for long distance again. And she doesn’t make excuses for the Phoenix heat or the ever-awake-nighttime-partying baby; running at 4:30am (isn’t that kind of like midnight!) at times with her stroller.

See a BAMR with kids in the Double Stroller and a little boy pacing her on his bike (who may or maynot be dressed like Darth Vader at times)? Holler to Ashley!

Best Run Ever – It was about 10 days ago and I ran my son to school and then ran home. It was only a 4 mile run and I was pushing my two youngest kids in the BoB and I passed a man that was running and I felt so strong and proud of myself. My pace has been improving steadily this last summer and I hadn’t really realized I was getting faster until that moment. Pushing that stroller can be such a pain but it also makes me feel like an amazingly strong and determined runner. I always hope that people see me as they drive by and think to themselves, “If she can do that with 3 kids than I can do it too”

Three Words That Describe My Running – Joyful, Peaceful and my Escape

My go-to Running Outfit is – A pair of running shorts and a tank top. Lately I’ve been loving the running shorts I’ve picked up from Old Navy. They’re comfy, cute and come in bright colors, which I love.

Quirky Habits While Running – My runs always have to be a round and complete mile digit. No 5.33 miles for me.

Morning, Midday, Evening – Morning. I have the most energy in the morning and with the Phoenix heat it’s the only way to get a run done.

I won’t run outside when it’s – Super, super hot. I just can’t cope and mentally fall apart. Although, my description of hot has changed and hot is now 95+ to me.  My tolerance for heat has changed and I find that I can run when it’s hot if there is cloud cover.  On most days It’s at least 85 when I’m running.  The beating sun is what kills me most in Phoenix.

Worst Injury and how I got over it – In July, I started Insanity and continued to keep my mileage at 20 miles a week. My knees started to suffer from the lack of rest. I pushed myself harder than I should have. Admitting to myself that I couldn’t run 20 miles a week and continue to do Insanity was difficult. I made the decision to let go of the Insanity so I could keep running. Running is my escape and I couldn’t give it up.

I felt most like a badass runner when – I had finished my very first half marathon. It wasn’t a fast time but I felt so amazed that I had actually completed what I had set out to do. That race light a fire in me to keep going, keep racing and keep running.

RnR Arizona Jan 2010 – Ashley’s first Half Marathon

My next race is – Hopefully the R&R Arizona Marathon in January. I haven’t registered yet but it’s on my mind.

Potential Running goal for 2013 – A full marathon….Gulp! Did I really just admit that? I really, really want to run a full marathon and I want it to be the R&R Seattle in June. I think it would be amazing to run 26.2 miles in my hometown.

Ashley is sure to kick RnR Seattle when she decides to take it on! Go be your bad self, Ashley!!

Want to play along but don’t have a blog? I would be happy and honored to profile you. Drop me a line/tweet/FB and let me know. 
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