Fastinista – Mom who dreams of Island Paradise

I love my running outfits and always (well, almost always) try to be coordinated and look put together.
I am not fast, so I might as well look pretty while running! And looking good makes me feel good about my running!

I always start my outfit with my skirt. We all had ordered the Peacock Island SparkleTech and thats what we decided to wear together. Gorgeous vibrant colors that neither the stock picture nor our modeling picture does justice.

Karen (on the left) is wearing a Saucony weathered T, while Tanya on the right is wearing a plain black T. I chose to wear my ‘Are my kids still chasing me’ T from Another Mother Runner. These words describe my feelings perfectly and on the rare occasion I break my rule of no wordings on the Tshirt front. And although the stock photo doesn’t show the match, it matches perfectly with the skirt.

On runs more than 10 miles, I break out my compression socks/sleeves. The 110% compression sleeves is a new favorite since I can slip ice into them after the run or kick my shoes off and go to the beach wear flip flops.

I like to wear a sweatyband to keep my flyaways in check. And this one is my favorite because it goes with all outfits. Even though it doesn’t have this shade of color, the polka dots are so multicolored and small enough that it passes.

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