Three Things Tuesday – New Job

Three Things Tuesday – New Job

I don’t usually write about personal going ons in my blog (would people even be interested in reading about it?), but since my personal life affected my training life, I think personal stuff needs a mention just this once. And then I realized that it also very neatly makes up for Three Things Tuesday (or Thursday, which is what today is, by the time I finally published the blog post)!

Just when I announced my rather full race schedule for Fall and Winter, my training derailed and the derail caused me to loose my mojo. Excuses, excuses. But writing about it helps acknowledge the setback and acknowledge the excuse and will warn me not to hide behind it the next time.

Work Situation

Another thing that I didn’t blog about earlier – I lost my job back in March. I was very upset over it mainly because it was as close to my “dream job” as could be and it was something that I thought was completely unfair. Mr. FauxRunner convinced me to take some time off and instead just focus on kids and training and have fun in general. So I did. I ran 4 days/week and crossfitted 5 days/week AND swam 2 days/week. Superhero cape, anyone?

But another opportunity came along that is a good career move for me even though I wasn’t sure how the work schedule would fit in with family. Well, You never know unless you try. So, I took the job and just started.

Which means trying to adjust to a much long commute and trying to soothe my guilt over leaving the minions voer longer work hours. The first thing to suffer was my workout. In spite of best intentions, I just could not say no to them asking me to drive them to school during my run time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.11.16 PM
No escaping commute times from suburban Atlanta for me.

When Cleaning and Organizing takes precedence over Workouts

… said no over ever.
Ah! I do wish this meme were true! Anyone who knows me well in real life knows that I am a terrible housekeeper. I just don’t have the patience and drive to maintain a house in show condition. Instead, I go through spurts of deep organizing clean. I decided to go on one such spurt the week before I went back to work.

Whew! I felt like I was running a half marathon every day AND a WOD on top of it. 5-6 hours everyday! Tons of stair climbing up and down with boxes. Sometimes I felt like giving it all up and just going to a cross fit class instead. But I stuck to it at the expense of my workout and the result is a clean house (mostly except for the Kitchen. How DOES one keep the kitchen neat?! But I digress …). Mr. FauxRunner is super happy to have a neat house! For a couple of days, at least.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.08.42 PM
It never gets better … never ever.

Since this post could very well be a “Three Things Tuesday” post, I’m going to add in a third personal reference.

Summer Break

I was initially going to take summer off to have fun with the minions, but having decided to go back to work, I started this week. Although it was a tough choice to let go of the summer break, I felt that I could adjust better without the stress of 7am bus and before-6pm pickups and packed lunches and homework and etc etc.

We started summer break today for just 8 weeks and I have opted to go with a baby-sitter instead of camps for the minions. That way they have the option of sleeping in late and can spend the evenings at the neighborhood pool with their friends. And I don’t have to stress about packing lunches or having to wait until camp start time. The only drawback will be that the babysitter doesn’t have transportation and cannot drive them places.

On the flip side, for at least the 2 months of summer break, I will not be restricted by having to make it to the school bus stop. So I could go for a 6:30am run or a cross fit class, provided I wake up on time! Last year, I trained completely for the Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon over the 10 weeks of summer break. This year, although I am not planning to do the triathlon again, I am hoping to use it as a solid 2 months of base building.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.01.43 PM
Wish I could’ve spent summer holidays just hanging around with my minions instead!

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