Bucket List of Races

Bucket List of Races

Inspired by Today’s #dailymission over at Dailymile

What race would you most want to do, if you didn’t have to worry about any logistics (money, family, work, injury, etc.)?

Yes, I have a bucket list of marathon races in-spite of having just one year of running under my belt. And please ignore the slight fact that I have never yet run a marathon. 

(Last year, after I saw “Run Fat Boy, Run”, I had a dream that I was pregnant and running London; the pregnant part is going not going to happen, so the London part better happen) – Would love 2012, but the logistics might not work out since I wouldn’t even know until Oct 9 if I really wanted to do another marathon.


It’s the original course in Greece – Marathon to Athens. Which aspiring marathoner would NOT want to do it? Maybe I should get a 2nd job just to pay for the trip starting from $3500 airfare for the 4 of us.


Must be really goofy to do this one !! Its a Half Marathon on Saturday and a Full Marathon on Sunday. Other than the endurance to be to physically(and mentally) come out alive after this challenge, a trip down to Disney is as expensive as a trip overseas !
My Plan: Goofy is in my plans in 2014. That’s when our next Disney trip is planned (My plan anyway, the husband would care less) – for the second kidlet’s 5th birthday celebrations. The Princess Half Marathon was during the first kidlet’s 5th birthday, so the next one is of course scheduled similarly.

  1. The Melbourne Marathon (Its an urban race, but its the city that got me take my first steps into fitness, so I want to go back to Australia and do it) 
  1. 4. A half/full in India – I don’t know which ones they have, but to do one in my homeland would be awesome. 
  2. 5. The Great Wall of China – But that’s more of a pipe dream .. I know I will chicken out just thinking of the climb. 
  3. 6. Goofy in 2012/2013 – as part of my second kid’s birthday celebration .. lol. 
  4. 7. San Fransisco Women’s Marathon – SFO, Firefighters and a Tiffany’s necklace – need I say more?

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