To Philly or Not to Philly: That is the Question.

To Philly or Not to Philly: That is the Question.

I’ve been yo-yo-ing about Philadelphia Marathon since I got back from Chicago. I was going to take a week/10days off and decide. Its been 3 weeks and I can’t still 100% decide.
Lots of talks with people, I was 98% close to backing off.
Then some pep talk and decided this week to go for it.

Unfortunately, I ran 3 times and I could feel the tightness and twinges in my hamstring everytime, plunging me in doubt again.

My philosophy – when in doubt, Run! But since I can’t run randomly now – when in doubt, Blog!

Reasons to back away from Philly 

  • I don’t want to push my body to a point where it might lead to injury:
    Left hamstring (and calf) has been really tight. Although I haven’t done much else other than a massage and some mild stretching, I can still feel it even after just 2-3 miles. Same with the fascia behind my knees. And all the other little twinges I’ve had the whole season. 
  • Exhausted – Physically and Mentally. 
    Running Chicago with the flu took a lot out of me – physically and mentally. I was exhausted and tired to the point of taking an entire week to work from home. 3 weeks later, I am still exhausted. And being mentally exhausted, I ready to move on to other things. Like pick back swimming and strength training and maybe Pilates for core strength.
  • Are my original reasons for signing up for Philly still valid? 
    Original plan was a PR this season, hence a plan B. Not just any PR, but a time goal PR. It wasn’t an unreasonable goal, but the lack of runs after Chicago makes me highly doubtful of reaching it. So, is my priority to finish another marathon or to get faster? Another reason for signing up for Philly was to do 2 races in a year, but to avoid a spring marathon. Since Little Rock is on the cards (even though I don’t plan to PR it), the need for Philly is lessened.
  • The need to keep my family(aka husband) happy. 
    My husband thinks I’m crazy for pushing to do 2 marathons in 6 weeks and that he I needs a break. He also reminds me that I got up from the couch under 3 years ago, ran my first marathon just one year ago and that I am not super-human. Every time I bring up Philly, he gives me the stink eye.
Reasons to go forward with Philly

  • Run it instead of racing it: 
    Original plan when I signed up for it was Plan B, and I need to follow it through. I could take it nice and easy (limit is 16min/mile). Another 26.2 done. After all, I have hotels, flights, everything booked.
  • Fun weekend: 
    I get to meet my high-school friends and also some awesome people at the expo (including a writer/runner I have a crush on. Shhh.. don’t tell). A fun and quick weekend getaway!
  • Pack some mental strength: 
    If my hesitation is mental and not physical, I want to find the strength to break through mentally.
You’d think that with the reasons to back out of Philly being way more than reasons to go through with it, the choice would clear. 
But …. 
I think I am going to regret no matter what choice I make. 
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