Resolution Run 5k – 2011

Resolution Run 5k – 2011

What better than to start off the New Year with a race in pouring rain? Last year, this was my first race after I started seriously training, and I wasn’t going to let it go this year. Not to mention the $30 race fees and the cute race Long sleeve tech Tshirt ATC Track Club gives out (although I’ve always struggled with their sizing)

2011 Time: 37min 08sec (Plenty of walk breaks in between, pouring rain and squishy shoes)
2010 Time: 41min 48sec (I actually ran the whole way, except for a short water break midway)

Not bad progress in a year, eh? 🙂

Cheese. Me getting ready for my 5k.


Lining up to race (she’s the munchkin in pink jacket and orange shorts). 
Taking off! It was great to see so many kids in pouring rain.
She ran really fast. We were pretty impressed!




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