Why do you run?

Why do you run?

June 3rd was national running day. There’s a separate day for running! So what do I do the other 364 days?And it so happened that I went cycling instead of running. And I was ok with it. Because I’m a runner. And I run any day of the year (according to training schedule, that is), not necessarily on a specific designated day. But …  I digress …. 

Non-running friends often ask my how I manage to run and how I train for events. I think it misses the point. The question needs to be WHY. Why do you run? Once someone identifies with the why, the how, the when, the where, the what all follow seamlessly. So why do I run?

Why do you run I Run … for Bling

When I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon (ING Georgia Half), I was hobbling with cramps and hurting all over. I finished 1hr slower than my husband and I was miserable. But through it all was this shiny piece of metal that I’ve hung on to. The medal that they gave out inspired me to go back for more. I had NEVER earned a sporting medal (I had one in field hockey from school, but that was because my team was awesome not because I was any good) and this thrilled me.

Never have I been so glad of the new way where everyone is a winner. I wasn’t really a winner that day, but the medal told me otherwise and I strived to be a winner. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.21.33 PM
Any wonder why I was tempted to go back for the Dopey Challenge this year?

I Run … to hang out with the cool kids

Before I started running, I had no friends other than “mommy friends”. All of these ( a grand total of 3 or 4) were girls I’d known before having kids. We all had kids within 2-3 years and continued to hang out. When I started running and joined a group, I met some amazing people! I absolutely adore my mentors and running buddies at my local running group. Words cannot describe how I feel about my Ragnar Napa Valley teammates. They’ve brought in different cultures, different perspectives and one common shared love of running into my life. I still hang out with my mommy friends, just that I now have other friends too. 

National Running Day

I Run … to Run Happy

When I first started running 5.5 years ago, it was to run away from post-partum depression and whatever else was overwhelming me. Now that my baby is 6 years old, that reason has changed. But the pursuit of happiness hasn’t changed. I still run to be healthy, to always keep smiling, to be one with nature, to feel the air in my lungs, to be a bada$$, to be a better mother, … to be happy. 

National Running Day

I Run … to Run Sassy

When I was in school, I was a free spirit. I worked hard but always had a laugh. I giggled a lot, I talked even more and had fun with friends. That spirit was somehow lost when I realized the reality of college and  and work and marriage and motherhood. I went into my shell and was very selective in who I talked to and what I tried. Running has brought back the spirit that I had in the days of school. I feel free when I run. I feel ready to take on the world. 

And perhaps the only time I can still pretend to be in an alternate reality!

National Running Day

I Run … to Redefine my Impossible

Most important of all, I run to redefine my impossible. When I started this journey 5.5 years ago, completing a half marathon was the impossible I was trying to break. And then it was a marathon. And more. And comebacks. And triathlons. Everything that makes me pour in my passion as I strive to break yet another mental barrier. As I discover the results of hard work and commitment.

When I realize all that I’m capable while running, I wonder at how much more I can achieve in life.

National Running Day

Why do YOU run?
How has your reasons for running changed from when you started to now? Have you strayed from running or have you always stayed true to your love?

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