What’s Next? Post Little Rock Marathon

What’s Next? Post Little Rock Marathon

Now that I have successfully gotten through my goal of finishing Little Rock Marathon, what’s next in store for me? 
I had gone into the race pretty burnt out with running and frustrated with the forced pace changed in the past 4 months. I came out having rediscovered my running mojo and looking for what to do next. 

I’m taking a break from the marathon distance; something that I should have done last spring! But using this time to strengthen my body and mind for the next time I get ready to tackle the marathon (Let me admit it, I love running marathons. I just don’t want to be out on the course for half a day). And I am focusing on finding things that I would enjoy doing.

  • Strength Training
    I know I say this after every marathon, but I really mean it this time. I’ve had to jump off to another training cycle everytime and haven’t been able to keep up with the strength training. This time, I don’t have a fall marathon in sights and I plan to continue strength training through some low mileage months.
  • Lean Up
    Although I have never focused too much on my weight, the time has come that I need to give it a little focus. Pounds gained is pace lost. And I have a lot of umm.. “love” to lose. So I am focusing on the strength training and eating good to get me lighter. Chasing those last 20 pounds. I have made changes to my eating and with the right combination of food and workouts, I see those shedding.
  • Focus on shorter distances
    I am looking at local 5Ks and 10Ks to run for fun and pick an “A” race. I may not be able to get back to my former fitness self of last year and may not PR, but I want to run the best possible race I can. The ones I am considering are

    – Atlanta Women’s 5K (March 23rd).
    This is a fun race with super cute TShirts. Tough course, but usually a fun turnout. I will run this strictly for fun and the Tshirt.

    – Knock out Cancer 5K (April 6).
    This race takes place 4 miles from my house. And I am sure the route is super hilly, but again for fun.

    – Roswell 10 miler OR 5K (April 13).
    There are 2 options that I could take here. A 10 mile training run or a 5K “B” race to see where I stand. I haven’t yet decided on the distance and it is time to decide soon!

    – Freight Train 5K (May 19).
    “A” race. This the same say as IronGirl Sprint Tri. And even though I’d much rather do IronGirl, it appears that my kid’s ballet recital may be on the same day. So a nearby 5k is much easier to handle than a sprint tri that is 1.5 hrs drive away.
    Time to get some miles on!
  • The elusive 2:30 Half Marathon
    I have some ideas that are forming shape on how to achieve this. And I have a vague race picked out for this. Not enough to verbalize yet, but I know that I can get to it if I keep following the plan I have.
  • Turn into a Mermaid
    No, I really wish! I am targeting the swim leg of a triathlon relay in October and need to get lots of swim going. I am doing it to face up to my fears of being afraid of the deep water. 

What are your goals for the summer/fall season?
What do you think of my goals and schedule? Any advice for someone plagued by injuries, etc to get back to the level of fitness AND to lose those last 20 lbs?

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