2011 – The Best and The Worst

  • Best Running Decision – Joining Get Fit Atlanta when I signed up for Chicago Marathon. What could be more awesome than training with a group of people who run/coach because they love it!
  • Biggest Achievement Chicago Marathon  My first Marathon. Never in my dreams did I think that *I* would be running a marathon. A “what”? A MARATHON! I may have only accomplished plan C, but I had the most fun ever!
  • Best Race PerformancePublix Georgia Half Marathon. I ran the race perfectly in perfect weather and came out with a time that was 2 min better than the prediction calculators. 
  • Most Fun Race – Disney Princess Half Marathon. I wish I could run all the Disney events all throughout the year. I was Princess for a day. I threw time out to the winds and had the time of my life with tons of photo ops. 
I have to include the Atlanta Marathon Relay in this. Splitting 26.2 miles over 4 people and a great support crowd for our lone crazy full marathon finisher.

  • Most Challenging – Apart from hitting the wall at mile 8-12 in Chicago Marathon and getting over it, my ups and downs with food has been most challenging for me. I do it right, and then sabotage it. Those last 15 pounds beckon me !!
  • Worst Performance in a RaceThanksgiving Half Marathon. I completely underestimated the power of the distance, did not change plans to accomodate a healing knee, and had some GI distress to get me finishing way 25min than I was hoping to, in tears.
  • Most Improved Run Resolution Run 5k ranks up there with the Publix Georgia Half Marathon. 2010 Time – 41:40; 2011 Time (in rain) – 37:09. Publix Georgia 2010 – 3:09 2011 – 2:49.
  • Most Exciting – As much as I love running, I think I love running gear even more. I’ve had the most exciting time buying cute running skirts! My theory – If I’m not fast, I better atleast look good. And if I look good, of course I want me to be out there running and showing off how good I look 🙂

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