Revisiting 2011


  • Resolution Run 5k – 37:09 in pouring rain. (Last yr’s time – 41:48).
  • Ran on the iced trails for a 12 mile training run!
  • 74 Miles 
  • Agonizing over if I should sign up for a marathon
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon 3:38 min. Amazing time stopping for all photo ops.
  • 50 miles
  • Georgia Half Marathon – 2:49:00 (Last yr’s time – 3:09:18)
  • 46 Miles
  • Laid off from my job, ran 10 miles to deal with it and blogged about it. Blog featured on ING Nation’s facebook page.
  • Signed up for Chicago Marathon
  • Signed up with Get Fit Atlanta. Best decision ever!
  • 48 Miles
  • Low mileage to give legs some rest for the upcoming training season
May, June
  • Ramping up on miles
  • May[57 miles], June [77 miles]
  • Peachtree Road Race – 1:17. Very hot and a disappointing experience (I may have set my goals a little high)
  • Made history by running my longest run ever – 14 miles
  • 109 miles
  • Started Interval training with the group at the track
  • Some more miles, and some more milestones
  • 112 miles
  • Slowing starting to like interval training. So much that I get a babysitter, so I could go to do them while the husband is traveling on work.
  • Countdown to Chicago starts
  • 117 miles
  • Lots of nervousness, excitement, friendship, advice 
  • Chicago !!!! My first marathon! Hot and humid. I broke down mentally at 8-12 miles, got amazing support from friends on facebook and rallied back to enjoy the rest of the race. 6hrs 16min. 
  • Already with plans for my next one, how else can I prove to myself that I am capable of more!
  • 57 miles
  • Savannah for the husband, with a perfect 4:59:45 finish!
  • Twisted my ankle on a trail run and out of commission with a boot for 2 weeks.
  • My worst race ever at Thanksgiving Half 3:08 with 2 restroom breaks. Starting line issues, GI issues, overcompensating for the knee, cramps and soreness, overtly emotional.
  • After 2 months of post-marathon blues, signed up for my next marathon – New Orleans on March 4th!
  • 46 miles with 2 weeks out of action.
  • Super quick ramp-up from 13 to 18 miles!
  • Consult with a nutritionist to help control my food and trying new wholegrain and vegetable recipes.
  • Working on those intervals and tempo runs!
  • 111 miles.
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