Looking back at 2018

Looking back at 2018

I went back on my blog to look through past posts to compare my goals of 2018 to what was actually accomplished, but other than a vague I need to try for the sub 5:30 marathon time again after the failure at Marine Corps Marathon in 2017, looks like I never wrote any goals down!! Was it an oops on my part on a very very sparse blogging year, or was it a deliberate thought of seeing where the year takes me? Guess I’ll now never know. 

Sadly it was a very sparse year of writing with only 25 posts in total (not including this one). 2019 goals will definitely have more writing included!


I FINALLY went sub 2:30 for the half marathon

While running sub 2:30 half marathon wasn’t a goal in my quest to go sub 5:30 in the marathon, it was a pleasant surprise to hit the mark at the Teardrop Half Marathon in beautiful Chatsworth, North Georgia. This downhill race was in prep for my all downhill Revel Mt. Hood, Oregon, marathon. Yes, the downhill helped but I was running so strong that reckon it was only about 2-3 min of extra ‘help’.

Teardrop Half Marathon

I had a great experience at the New York City Marathon

With injuries and injury PTSD until end of July, I wasn’t able to train properly for the New York city marathon. But I had a fun time with friends (thanks Ingo, my Augusta 70.3 and Marine Corps Marathon buddy who hung out with me and Margie & my kid’s Coach Mike who adopted me for the weekend and included me in all their NYC plans), a great great experience during the race and surprisingly finished strong with a 13 minute negative split after a pathetic first half. (Still need to write about it!)

New York City Marathon



I had my first big extended injury

4 days after PRing at the Teardrop Half Marathon, I started with a case of Patella Tendinitis in my right knee suspected due to my quads not being strong enough to support my knees on the steep downhill. That healed in quick 3 weeks, but I had a freak meniscus pinch in my other knee while putting my kid to bed. Another 4 weeks of healing but 2 weeks of easy run in and the Patella pain returned but that was diagnosed as not-patella tendinitis. 2 more weeks of easy rehab on that and there was a sudden sore spot on the arch of my right foot

All this went on from the first week of May to July and I had severe PTSD of injuries anytime I tried to increase mileage or speed. Having the knee as a problem spot also made me scared of weight training. I could swim but just didn’t want to. My fitness (and my overall morale) suffered and I said hello to the 10 pounds that I had kicked out the year before with so much effort!

injured runner

The little minion had her triathlon debut

And older one continued with triathlons … for now. Being almost 13, she believes she is “too cool” to do fun things, especially ones recommended by her mom.

Atlanta Kids Tri

Enjoyed a trip to DisneyWorld with the little minion

It was a little odd with just me and the kid, but this was one of my favorite times ever!! She’s a great traveler and we did early morning rope drops in the park, back to the resort for late lunch, pool and nap, and then parks again to closing time. We missed older sister, but loved our time together, just the two of us.


Family vacation to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park

The injury and not being able to run Revel Mt. Hood made me cancel our original trip to Oregon. But I was up one night at 2:30am (yay lack of exercise and insomnia) vaguely browsing through my phone and came across some killer direct airfare deals to Jackson, Wyoming. I booked a 10 day trip just a month out and was lucky to find park hotel reservations at the last minute. We explored Yellowstone at an easy pace and had one of the best family vacations ever. Even the I-shall-not-be-enthusiastic almost teenager said that she’d like to go back!

Check out my instagram for more Yellowstone photos (one day, I will sit down and blog about it and running all around in Yellowstone!)

Yellowstone Grand Teton

How was your 2018?
The best, the worst, the milestones, the everydays? 


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